Marco Pedron

Born in 1981, he began his career as a pastry chef for Paola Budel at the prince of Savoy, quickly becoming head of the game. When Paola leaves the business, she sends him to Biasetto for an internship. He stayed there for 8 years becoming his first assistant, to the point that Luigi entrusted him with two of his Relais Dessert pastry shops in Brussels. He stayed there for two years, after which he was called by Princi to "oversee" his pastry shops in Milan first, and then to manage the reality in London. After the experience with Princi, he began working for Airfood, where he approached large numbers for the first time; in those years he managed the Trenitalia line for Carlo Cracco; when Cracco decides to open a pastry shop in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, he calls him and they begin to collaborate until the end of 2022. At the end of the collaboration he decides to put his experience and knowledge at the service of others; thus his consulting was born: Pastrythinker. "Pastrythinker was born to be able to change the concept of consulting: the pastry chef no longer brings his own idea within the company but develops a dedicated one; the overall vision is that of a "tailored" consultancy, not a product but a project" At the same time he became educational director of the pastry section for Congusto Gourmet Institute. "I have always had a natural vocation for teaching: in recent years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Congusto for the training of school children, a collaboration which has continued, with great pleasure, even after the end of the educational path. It is It therefore came naturally to accept this opportunity given to me by Federico and his staff, since my desire to confront the young people and see the new generation of pastry grow" In 2021 he joined APEI, an association that brings together the best personalities and the most exclusive excellences of the pastry and dessert world.